There are a lot of E-commerce startups that spring up every other month. Not all of them are able to withstand the pressures of time. This makes you wonder, what it takes to make it big. Let’s say you choose the best eCommerce platform for startups. You choose your platform from a sea of quality international E-commerce platforms. You conduct an E-commerce platforms comparison (among options like Shopify and BigCommerce). You select the best Ecommerce platform 2018 has to offer. Is this enough to garner success?

Well, let’s just say, it is just the beginning.

After choosing a quality platform to establish your eCommerce on, you must market your business well. This holds true, regardless of which business you are operating. Think about it. How would customers gravitate towards your product or service if they are unaware of it? This is why marketing is an important function and should not be ignored.

Here are some marketing tips that might help you in sticking the landing.

Your content marketing strategy should be in place before your launch

Content marketing has been gaining momentum in the last few years. Now, the world is moving away from traditional ways of advertising and are instead focusing on analytics like SEO optimization to hit the bullseye. Which type of content you wish to generate for your company and how you will be going about doing it is all part of your content marketing strategy. This need to be in place before your store launch. This gives you a rough plan to follow. But, remember, this plan is not set in stone and should be flexible enough to include market changed.

Make the content original

It is very easy to find SEO optimized content online for free or for a small price. What is the problem of using this content? Well, it is unoriginal and probably being used by various other businesses. It does not give you the oomph factor that may allow you to stand out. If you opt for original content, you will be able to generate content that is relevant to your business. This way you will earn the trust of your customers who will give value to your words.


Implement these marketing tips in your business. Don’t underestimate their importance. Market and grow.