Ecommerce is no longer a luxury, but has become a necessity these days. If you don’t own an online presence, you’re limiting your potential for growth. For long-term growth, your choice of the best ecommerce platform 2018 matters. Yet this core of right choice could be a burden for some. Luckily, to relieve you, there are many top trending ecommerce platforms comparison available online that can help you decide better.

Ease and accessibility of online shopping are two major reasons behind increased tendency of buying goods from another country. Getting access to international market is every retailer’s dream and should be on each retailer’s to-do list. When it comes to US retailers, they take advantage of the biggest US-Canada corridor opportunity. Yet, a significant opportunity has also been reported in other markets like Brazil, Germany and China. These markets are growing at faster pace, and thus allow retailers to jump at it.

What you can do to sell globally?

To sell globally, you need a successful international ecommerce strategy. There are few things that you might need to pay attention. One of them is clear tracking visibility. Create a shopping experience that makes new customers feel comfortable enough to purchase from you in the first place. Not only once, if customers come back and buy more – this depicts your success. Stay consistent with your purchasing procedure. Clearly show implications of buying from you. More than that, pursue on the promise of international ecommerce by delivering products in a reasonable time. While selling at global scale, there is another top concern for retailers. And that is data security.  Make sure you choose the suitable international ecommerce platform that can handle such challenges and ease the cross-border selling experience for your business.

Why Shopify?

Shopify needs no introduction when it comes to connect globally. They outshine amongst the international ecommerce platforms to deliver a multi-country and multi-channel ecommerce experience. As long as you have Shopify multiple language service, expanding your business is no longer a difficult task. Even, Shopify payment gateways allow retailers to securely charge their customers.

Why go global from day one?

Going global with Shopify platform is so manageable since Shopify mobile app enables store owners manager their orders, items, and audience from anywhere right at touch of your smartphone.


Your ecommerce website is your face to the world. Welcome your customers with a price transparency and certainty in delivery so they don’t think themselves as another domestic buyer -which creates uncertainty.